DNA Functions

DNA Functions, in order to reproduce and survive to grow, the steps required to organisms are listed. In order to fulfill these functions, DNA sequence should be converted to a message which is able to make the most of the work in the body and used for protein production is a complex molecule.

Image representing DNA Functions

Typically, DNA Functions linear eukaryotic chromosome, and occurs as a circular chromosome in prokaryotic DNA. Sets of chromosomes in the cell performs its genome, the human genome is divided into 46 chromosomes, and having from about 3 billion base pairs of DNA. Information carried by the DNA is carried in a sequence of fragments of DNA called genes. Is achieved by base pairing further transmission of genetic information of the gene. For example, in the transfer, when using the information within the gene, DNA sequence is copied into a complementary sequence of the RNA by the attraction between nucleotides correct RNA and DNA to cells. Normally, then, in a process called translation same depending on the interaction between nucleotides of RNA, the RNA copy was used to make a matching protein sequence. In a different manner, the cell in a process called DNA replication simply, you can copy its genetic information. For more information about these features, focusing on the interaction with other molecules that mediate the function of the genome and DNA, here, we, are described in other articles.

Biologist, had a difficulty to adopt DNA Functions as genetic material of apparent simplicity of the chemical in the 1940s. The DNA, which is composed of only four kinds of similar sub-units to each other polymers chemically very known. In the early 1950s, the DNA molecule, was examined by X-ray analysis for determining the three-dimensional atomic structure (Chapter 8) first. It is shown that at the beginning of the X-ray diffraction results, and is composed of two chains of the polymer coil the DNA is wound. And is provided on one of the most important guidelines that DNA is double-stranded led to the Watson-Crick DNA structure and important observation. It is possible coding information and DNA replication is become apparent only when the model has been proposed. In this section, you will learn how to be able to take into account the structure of the DNA molecule, to store genetic information in general.

DNA functions molecule  is composed of two polynucleotide strands consisting of four types of nucleotide subunits. Each of these circuits is known as a DNA chain or DNA strand. I was held together the hydrogen bonds between the base moiety of nucleotides in both strands. As we see in Chapter 2, nucleotides, sugars consisting of five connected to the nitrogenous base and the phosphate group (s). In the case of nucleotides in DNA, the sugar is attached to (hence the name deoxyribonucleic acid) phosphate groups ribose, a single base, adenine (A), cytosine (C), or guanine (G), ( may be a T). Nucleotides alternating sugar thus covalent bond – are linked together in a chain by phosphate and sugar that forms the “backbone” (see Figure 4-3) phosphoric acid – phosphoric acid – sugar. The base only, each of four subunits, each polynucleotide strand of DNA is different, so it is similar necklace and (backbone) and informal (base of one 4, C, G, and T) in the beads of four . (A, C, G, and T) also numerals these based nucleotide four different Generally, sugar is used to ie shows the application of a group of phosphate.

It contains all of the genetic code that is used to control the development of the biological DNA function and behavior. The DNA also may be used as a long-term storage device for storing genetic instructions. DNA to be able to replicate itself, these instructions must be correct. Function of the DNA in the cell, is that the protein of the path encoding on or off the gene. Functions of DNA and DNA protein is the basis of life. This is a complex molecule consisting of four types of locations that are connected by putting stairs pass the ball to spiral. The four proteins of all, consistency each other each bind a couple of all, that you make all organisms other on earth and gene, to determine who you are. A replica of their nuclear DNA of an organism, all cells are (with some exceptions). This exception is the gametes, or sex cells of male and female to be used for playback. The order of the pair, is protected by the body cells, and strictly by dividing it into two parts, each time you play, DNA is copied to the new cell cell. Sometimes, there is a defect separation, but usually, the cell will be able to repair the damage.

DNA has been bundled with, 23 46 people posess chomosomes of which comes from cells of sex men and women of both the complex process to reduce to 23 from half chomosomes 46 of their own. New series of the entire design, which is designed to meet the bean sprouts, of chromosome 46, and therefore, I recombine with cells of another person to a whole new person. Half of each power of DNA ovum or egg, or (male) germ cells, sperm (female) you. Sperm enters the egg into two groups of 23 chomosomes, at the time of fertilization pregnancy, merge the gene structure complete thus complete 46 individual. Then, eggs initiates a complex process that is divided into two, then these cells, each copy of the DNA of the cell before divided into equal four. You can (or animal) all land has a DNA unique in nature and is used for positive identification of all people that way, but the only exception, is the identical twins . Set of dividing cells (called a blastocyst currently), for some reason, when I break in two years and split, they happen. This resulted in a DNA of another identical twins share one, therefore, leaves and characteristics, such as eye color such, the embryo of two which, generally, has the DNA of the same as how they look. They look like the same person. Some purposes, such as DNA throat basic idea quite this