Regulatory RNA

MRNA and rRNA of, in addition to the mRNA of which plays a central role in the cell, regulatory, non-coding RNA number (of ncRNA). It has a long open reading frame by changing the length of ncRNA. It does not encode a protein, but they can serve as riboregulators, the main features of which are post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Identify the antisense RNA of many by combining the proliferation and differentiation of cells that control them both, and eukaryotic characterization, and prokaryotes, it has been included in the specific recognition of a base cellular nucleic acid targets further . It is associated with the failure of printing heritage that occur in several well-known in the neurobehavioral disorder development and some. Regulation of antisense RNA Another achieved by modulating the activity of the protein. RRNAs number can be used to support, the enzymatic reaction involved in the translation process, including the synthesis of ribosome in peptide bonds. The variety of roles that a wide range of RNA to act in a variety of ways played, suggesting the versality of these molecules in the regulatory process and flexibility. This evaluation is summarizes the structural data and biochemical available for the modulation of RNA known.

Regulatory RNA

Small nucleolar RNA, including chromatin structure and regulates gene expression at several levels (snoRNAs), micro-RNA is (miRNA), short interfering RNA (siRNA is), many include a small double-stranded RNA in mammalian cells splicing and transcription probably feel a sense of a small non-protein-coding RNA of, RNA editing, the stability of the RNA, and translation. This RNA is processed by the multi-path exon and intron of the primary transcript containing many transcripts encoding the protein. At the same time, bone marrow and embryonic stem cells, and some are printed in various tissues, show a tissue-specific expression patterns separately. The small RNA, that controls a wide range of physiological pathways and development in animals including insulin secretion and hematopoietic differentiation adipocyte differentiation in a mammal, warped for cancer and other diseases has been shown. Transcript levels in the presence of small RNA and non-coding sequences on the basis of the RNA signal that can support the development of many phenotypic change of complex organisms and other mammals, suggesting the presence of a conditioning system, genetic signature of the sequence encoding the protein good, even if it possess and different manner.

Study of regulatory RNA is very active in the control of the genome of prokaryotic organisms, it has become a field that is growing rapidly. As well as speed in the model organism of bacteria phenomenal, non-coding RNA molecules of new large and small, continue to be found in the transcriptome of the bacterial community. Since the integration of scientists involved in these studies and gene expression completely, to deal with the diversity of the new regulator of these functional aspects with the new structure of the RNA of these have focused on RNA research of bacteria I have reached a degree of latitude and need a meeting. Regulatory RNA of bacteria discovered, in order to present the point of view of latest and the latest trends in the structure of the bacteria and riboregulators mechanism, it is the first meeting of the forum and the first this topic.

This conference is a successor to the popular previous two meetings, which was held in San Juan and Berlin, will be funded jointly by DFG program SPP1258 sense RNA regulation in prokaryotes. We believe that attract many researchers from abroad, theme and expect to participants of 250. Number of lectures by international experts is the oral presentation of additional selected from abstracts submitted to the other. In addition, there is a lot of time and space for poster presentation. Processing CASS / fresh structure RNA thermometer small control RNA, and riboswitches, RNA binding protein, the RNA, and localization of RNA, and the session will include the bioinformatics of RNA.

In a recent study, indicating that long at least four times than not encoded encrypted RNA sequence, and is associated with a gene encoding the protein, but a fifth of the transfer in the human genome, the only found. However, it is (functional annotation of mammalian DNA) (DNA) sequencing project FANTOM major and complementary DNA to reveal the complexity of the transfer. 5 ‘cap, splicing, and FANTOM3 project will bear the signature of the mRNA of many, including the polyadenylation, and 35,000 non-coding transcription loci – different to 10,000 you have open reading frame (ORF) with little or no I identified the product. (Data of tiling array will be displayed more than 40% of the transcript is not polyadenylated), so has been omitted non-polyadenylated transcripts and transcripts of many false, it is expected rich of long ncRNA In spite of it was outside, however, this figure is a low estimate conservative. Be distinguished transcripts encoding proteins from non-coding transcripts but difficult and ncRNA a clear identification of the cDNA library of these is a challenge that