Information storage

The digital storage DNA data, it refers to any circuit for storing the digital data in the nucleotide sequence of DNA. This technique uses an artificial DNA carried by commercial oligonucleotide synthesizer for DNA sequencing machines to extract and storage. This type of storage system is more compact than a hard disk drive system and the current magnetic tape for storing data derived from the concentration of the DNA. Proved, cool studies of DNA from Mammoth before to 60,000-year-old woolly, while being held in a dark and dry place, it also, DNA as has the possibility of longevity, of aging, such as DNA sustainability, facility data in the field of biology is the basic storage and universal. These characteristics, “so, data storage” might be able to after the catastrophe worldwide fictitious, future generations will find in the store probably Apocalypse-proof “, in order to call this method, . “DNA Please read has led researchers involved in their development are such methods, since the intent is to use a low level of access, such as long-term storage Scientific, large amounts of data Since the sequenced to obtain the data, which is a slow process.


The report, which was announced in Nature in January 2013, scientists of Agilent Technologies, Inc. and the European Bioinformatics Institute proposed a mechanism to use the ability of DNA to encode information as a means of digital preservation. It is possible DNA data of 739 kilobytes, in fact synthetic DNA, and then encoding the decoding information and the DNA sequence to its original form the group, reported 100% accuracy. The information contained in it is formed from the audio file and a text file. However, the experiment was published in August 2012 before. This has been carried out by researchers at Harvard University that is encoded in the DNA of this text of 54,000 words.

On August 16, 2012, 53400 word book written by the HTML project chief scientist is DNA, journal Science, George Church of Harvard University that has been encoded, the digital information that contained the JavaScript program and 11 JPG image I published a study on co-workers, and. It may be multiple copies of redundancy added 5,5 petabits, is stored in each cubic millimeter of DNA. Researchers have used is causing the error bits, a simple code that is mapped one-to-one with a base that had a defect that leads to long runs of the same nucleotide sequence. The results of this study, we showed that among other functions, The DNA also may be other types of media such as magnetic tape and hard disk.

Announced at the same time with colleagues and paper church researcher European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is led by, in the article, in January 2013, an improved system, has been reported in the journal Nature. It is an audio file or text file that is saved successfully and bit of data coming out as spots of researchers of more than 5 million, was played by a full recovery after that. The information contained in it, speech “I have a dream in the paper which are well known to the structure of DNA by picture of Francis Crick, all 154, Martin Luther King, and James Watson of Shakespeare’s sonnet the United Kingdom, and EBI, files that describe how behind the conversion of data at headquarters Hinxton that are configured with twenty-six second audio clip “. All files with the DNA to reproduce information between a 100% accuracy and 99.99%.

In order to main innovation of this study is very low, data loss rate, and to ensure the concept of encoding the data series of overlapping oligonucleotides short identified by the index using array-based, the use of error correction coding method is. Each area of ​​the data is the DNA sequence of individual chains overlap in such a way that repeated 4 times in order to avoid errors. Also two of the four regions thereof, with the goal of eliminating the error, and is built back. The cost per megabyte, it was estimated for the extraction and $ 12,400 for data encrypted by $ 220. However, the exponential decrease in the case of cost and its synthesis of DNA sequences is continued in the future, it must be a technique cost effective for long term data storage ten in was noted. Recording, storage, is made by Michael Niemann originally, general considerations and the concept of the possibility of acquisition of the DNA molecule was published in 1965 to 1964 in the «Radiotekhnika» newspaper Soviet Union.

Relationship between the configuration of the memory device to store and manage at the molecular level of genetic with a specific mutation is established. How electrons and ions for recording information direction of initial studies for development of the electromagnetic, long-chain polymer molecules, and read is described. In the case of a memory system that consists of a series of identical resembling a genetic system memory, processes and biophysical systems, considered to open good prospects towards microminiaturisation processing apparatus and data storage. The. In the recording of information survivors, these processes are, particularly single-stranded polymer molecule of DNA. Messenger RNA is applied to more complex functions. And four inputs 3, RNA molecule represents the equivalent of a logical element in digital output 20 of the at least one. This can be assumed to be able to establish a method for creating information unit micronutrients Further studies consisting of atoms or molecules of the individual artificially