Is a ubiquitous family of large biomolecules (RNA) plays an important role in some encoding, decoding, control of gene expression ribonucleic acid. And DNA, RNA, including that, the nucleic acid and protein representing the polymer three basic essential for known forms of life all together together. As a DNA, RNA is incorporated into the chain of nucleotides, is single-stranded in general. (In many cases, guanine for nucleotide letter G, U, and cell biology using the (mRNA) the messenger RNA for the transmission of genetic information to direct the synthesis of specific proteins, such as many such , using indicated adenine, cytosine, and uracil with), the RNA genome of the virus encodes the genetic information. Adjust the gene expression plays a positive role in biological cells by catalyzing the reaction, RNA molecules some transmits a response to cell signaling and sensing. One of the active processes of these is an indication the assembly of protein in the ribosome on universal functional protein synthesis by mRNA molecules. In order to provide the amino acids of the ribosome to amino ribosomal RNA of the link forms a protein together, the process is used to transfer RNA molecules.


Chemical structure of the RNA is very similar to that of DNA, but the three main methods are different. Double-stranded DNA many of its biological role, unlike the single-stranded RNA molecules, and a much shorter chain of nucleotides. But as the pairing-based additive, it may be a RNA to form a double helical chain, such as a mRNA. The DNA contains a deoxyribose but, RNA are included (in deoxyribose hydroxyl group that do not bind to the pentose ring in position 2 ‘) ribose. It is susceptible to hydrolysis, hydroxyl groups, these stable DNA, rather than RNA. Added to the base adenine, it is not a thymine as in uracil, it is methylated form of thymine and DNA.

The snRNA, in order to form non-coding RNA other, a double helix allows for the portion of the RNA folding pocket, mRNA is, DNA containing a sequence of additional self-contained in itself, tRNA is an rRNA like, RNA biologically active most of the time. Analysis of this RNA showed that they were highly structured. Unlike DNA, the structure is not composed of a set of strands that are packed together in a structure similar to the protein rather than the long double helix. Thus, RNA can be achieved chemical catalysis by the enzyme. For example, to determine the structure of the ribosomal enzyme that catalyzes the formation of peptide bonds, the active site revealed that it is composed of only RNA.

DNA is defined as a nucleic acid comprising the instructions of the genes used in the development and function of biological all known. In the synthesis of protein, and RNA molecules that are involved in the transmission of genetic information sometimes. However, unlike DNA, RNA, has a form or in different kinds of. DNA is similar to a spiral staircase and the double helix, but there is more than one type of RNA. Usually, a single-stranded DNA, RNA is a double-stranded, usually. In addition while the deoxyribose is included, DNA will contain the ribose RNA. Deoxyribose lacks an oxygen atom. Adenine (A), uracil (U) (in the DNA thymine instead), cytosine (C) and guanine RNA base is (G).

The sugar deoxyribose of DNA, for CH bonds, less reactive. DNA is stable in an alkaline medium. It can be difficult to enzyme will be able to attack the DNA more harmful enzymes, is added this, DNA has a smaller channel more here. Ribose sugar, however, due to (hydroxyl) bond is more reactive C-OH. RNA is stable under alkaline conditions. RNA has a large groove can be enzymatic attack easily. DNA helix shape is of the form. DNA can be damaged by ultraviolet irradiation. Helix geometry of RNA form. RNA chains made constantly, reuse dispersed. The RNA, however, is more resistant to damage from ultraviolet rays.

The production of protein, mRNA is carries the code of the DNA in the nucleus region in the cytoplasm protein synthesis in the (ribosome). Consists of rRNA Noto protein, they ribozyme can not be ‘read’ the code carried by mRNA that. The amino acid mRNA, sequences of nitrogen bases of the three pieces of mRNA determined inclusion of the amino acid carries a ribosome to which they are connected to the protein. In addition to the major RNA species (Number of molecules consisting of RNA and proteins) ribonucleotides and RNA molecules other small are found in the cell. May act as a biological catalyst function ascribed to proteins shown, RNA portion of Seruribo nucleoprotein at least one previously. I will describe the structure of the RNA molecule Holy 1965 RW