YRNAs is a small non-coding RNA component of (RO RNP) ribonucleoprotein particles Ro. RO target of autoimmune antibodies have been identified in the learner, etc. .. in systemic lupus erythematosus patients RNP. Listed in the Y RNA in the literature two functions: the single line of evidence, looks Y RNA to act as a repressor of the Ro. In the free state of his, and Russia, is associated with misfolded RNA containing misfolded 5S rRNAs, it is believed to act as a control mechanism. Meanwhile, filtrate showed that it binds to the 3 ‘end of one strand of RNA nonspecific relatively complex crystal structure ro and RNA Y, or RNA or other, Y RNA is I specifically binds to the site of the second to regulate access to the other RNA. In Deinococcus, that no Ro to work in the maturation of 23S rRNA for also not clear.


It is believed that in Deinococcus, unless complexed with a Ro are viable mutant lacking the Y RNA is unstable Y RNA. Secondly, I have found that human RNA Y is required for the replication of the functional DNA. Biochemical fractionation and reconstitution experiment have identified the functional requirements of the human RNA of Y chromosomal DNA replication in the nucleus vertebrate cells isolated in vitro. Specific cleavage of the human Y RNA in whole cells resulted in inhibition of replication of chromosomal DNA in vitro or in vivo. Interestingly, mutant human RNA lacking the Y suggesting that separating the Y RNA two functions to promote DNA replication and protein binding of Ro, Ro60 proteins support replication of DNA still I saved the binding site. In another study, RNA Y necessary for cell proliferation was shown to be over-expressed in human tumors. Recent studies, micro RNA-large, small RNA, RNA obtained from Y, supporting the hypothesis that may be involved in pathological conditions and other autoimmune diseases. It was similar to the size of small RNA Y-RNA derived from the micro-RNA, but Y RNA fragments thereof, that are not included in the micro RNA time is shown.

RNA small these RO bindings be folded stem formed by the 5 ‘and 3’ RNA saving is expected. Certain requirements of protein homologs for RNA and Y Ro to be estimated, fake also HY5 4 Y RNA and HY1, HY3, HY4 people who quit after being discovered eukaryotes, in bacteria, is characterized by a convex cytosine But it seems to have referred to a number. It also, C. elegans’s, has a single called number sbRNAs, and CEY RNA suggesting that it is an RNA homologue of Y. When encoding a homolog of the furnace, called (“filter 60 is connected”) and RSR, under conditions where expression is induced small RNA at least four, the Deinococcus radiation resistant bacteria radiodurans accumulation RSR (UV either irradiation), the RNA of these appears, RNA Y-cognate.

The (ncRNA of), is a functional RNA molecule that is not translated into a protein non-coding RNA. Non-protein-coding RNA (npcRNA), no RNA and functional RNA (nmRNA) (fRNA) is used interchangeably so often. Small RNA long-term (Srna) is used for short often bacteria ncRNA. In many cases, DNA sequences are transcribed into RNA that is encoded called RNA gene. Transfer RNA and the (tRNA) ribosomal RNA (not only of rRNA), RNA snoRNAs, micro RNA, the siRNA, the snRNA, piRNA and exRNAs is, longer non-coding RNA to include as XIST examples and non-coding RNA gene hot air containing important functional RNA many like (for a complete list of the ncRNA, please see here). Number of ncRNA that are encoded in the human genome is known, however, the study of bioinformatics and transcriptome of recent, is free and many of them, but is suggesting the presence of thousands of ncRNA, Many of ncRNA newly identified, has not been checked for its functionality watching – function.

Save either, it is essential, ncRNA of rich, are involved in the translation. The particles called ribosomes ribonucleoprotein (RNP), translation is “factory” is performed in the cell. The ribozyme, which consists of three non-coding RNA 4 of antisense RNA in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, which are composed of more than 60% of the ribosomal RNA. I catalyzes the conversion of nucleotide sequence ribosomal RNA, protein. Another set of non-coding RNA, the transfer RNA to form a “molecular adapter” between the protein and mRNA. Is found in archaea and eukaryotes, MRP RNase-is limited to eukaryotes, a group of both, C / D box snoRNAs antisense RNA and H / ACA box, is included in the maturation of the rRNA It is linked to the non-coding. RRNA of the guide, snoRNAs the covalent modification of tRNA snRNA of Noto, RN RNase MRP to disconnect the internal transcribed spacer 1 of 5.8S rRNAs between 18S. The relative evolution of MRP non-coding, RN RNase P, and a wide range of RNase. By generating the mature 5 ‘end of mRNA by cleavage of the 5’-leader elements of the mRNA precursor [24] RN RNase P, the mature mRNA sequences. Recognizing the nascent protein specific plasma membrane in prokaryotes and the endoplasmic reticulum eukaryotic, RNP called SRP anywhere other transports. Are involved in the rescue, marking stall the ribosome polypeptide is incomplete RNP (tmRNA) transfer RNA, it is to promote the degradation of abnormal mRNA in bacteria.