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Then, the inherited because DNA mutations combined with the passage of time, historical information may include, by comparing DNA sequences, geneticists can infer the strain history of biological evolution. This field of phylogenetics is a powerful tool of evolutionary biology. If you compare the DNA sequences within the species, population geneticists, you can learn the history of a particular group of the population. It is used to try to identify ten tribes DNA evidence was lost Israel, can be used in the study ranging anthropology of ecological genetics. The DNA also, to establish family relationships between the descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, it is used in order to investigate the relationship of modern family. This guide is connected using DNA in criminal investigation as described above closely. Indeed, criminal investigation of some have been resolved when the DNA was matched to the relatives of the guilty person from the scene of the crime.

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Genetic genealogy is the application of genetics to traditional genealogy. Genetics involves the use of genealogical DNA testing to determine the level and type of genetic relationships between individuals. Is very popular for family historians of the first decade of the 21st century, applications such as genetics, have been developed is available test method. Test, were encouraged by research groups and projects of genealogical and local learning groups of family and amateur as Genographic such projects. It was hundreds of thousands of people to be tested. It is also a lot of people have been developed for the purpose of expanding genetic genealogist to be looking for a general knowledge of the genetic causes of them in the century out of the last that can be used to create a pedigree traditional now because.

It is possible to say back study of George Darwin surname of genetics, the son of Charles Darwin. Use the last name in order to estimate the incidence of marriage of cousin, George Darwin, calculated the expected frequency of marriage between people of the same family and (isonymy) in 1875. In the upper grades is a rural population overall low-class performance and best, cousin of the UK population, he arrived to a value between 4.5% and 2.25% for marriage. It was more than 100 years later, geneticist of the population, began using Y-chromosome markers that provide evidence of common ancestry among individuals with the tradition of the common ancestor it. This suggests male lineage descendants of slaves and freed Cohen Thomas Jefferson genealogy then Jewish study two notable, the common heritage of the people of a common ancestor of paternal descendants between Sally Hemmings.

Molecular biologist Bryan Sykes, of Oxford University, to test a new methodology to the study of common surname. In a study of his family, Sykes the results look the STR marker four on the chromosome of males. She pointed out the way to genetics becoming a valuable assistant in the service of history and genealogy. The first company to offer genetic testing directly to consumers of DNA, is now defunct GeneTree. However, do not provide several generations of genealogy research of current it. In the fall of 2001, GeneTree sold their assets Salt Lake City-based Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, which started in 1999 in (SMGF),. During operation, SMGF provides a mitochondrial DNA test and Y chromosome of thousands of FREE for. GeneTree back to genetic testing for family in relation to the parent company Sorenson, it is part of the assets acquired in the fall in the end then. COM purchase SMGF.

In 2000, Family Tree DNA was founded by Max Blankfeld and Bennett Greenspan, was the first company to direct, specializing in test to consumers for genealogy research. Initially, they offered a mitochondrial DNA test and STR test HVR1 of the Y chromosome 11 marker. Initially, they were tested in collaboration with the University of Arizona. Publication of the seven daughters of Eve Sykes in 2001, tested the origin through DNA testing in a wide range of information disclosure personally explain the ancestor of haplogroup major European seven. At an affordable price and increase availability of DNA testing for genealogy, genetic genealogy is growing rapidly as a field. Officially until 2003, they are in the article of Tyler Smith and ring job in the natural genetic reviewed, it is announced that “arrived” in the field of DNA testing of the last name. Number of consumers that the number of companies offering the test was ordered, has increased dramatically.

The oldest, the test client, take some thing that begins with the Y-chromosome test that determines inherited his father mainly. In many cases, people took part in the project of the family. The first stage of the Genographic project bring new viewers genetic lineage. The people that have been tested, may be a direct interest in maternal inheritance of paternal you directly was high. Increase the number of patients who undergo mitochondrial DNA testing. Introduction of SNP test chip autosomal based on microchip technology to change the demographic perfectly. Well, there is a possibility than men to test the pedigree of recent women. Validity of the DNA that matches a pair of family, attendant has been questioned, but In addition, Ancestry.com simple accident, the number of test takers for the industry has been increased.