RasiRNA is a class of small RNA involved in (RNAi) RNA interference pathway. Is a small RNA molecules interact with the protein PIWI fact RasiRNA PIWI interacting RNA (piRNA is). PIWI protein is the Argonaut family strain of protein. In the embryo, RasiRNA is participating heterochromatin structure resulting from retrotransposon and silence transposons and repeat, to create and maintain control of the transcripts.


There are Argonaute family of at least three were found in eukaryotes. Subfamily is located in the sub-fission PIWI animals, plants, and yeast, found in only animals unlike before. The RasiRNA, it is observed in Drosophila, a unicellular eukaryotic cells Several different vertebrates, including mammals and invertebrates, and pills that are observed in many types, its presence in mammals has not been determined But, invertebrates and vertebrates, the bottom active rasiRNA is possible should be observed in other animals further to binding proteins are included. It contains a sub PIWI Argonaute protein was observed none, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, a yeast species, and is not observed in plants RasiRNAs. Mother and associated rasiRNA Pirna More specifically, it is connected to the mother and, therefore, it mother and related rasiRNA Pirna found to be a protein PIWI subfamily that conclusions have been derived.

RasiRNA distinguishes it from other RNAi pathway of Pirna and the like (Sirna) small interfering RNA micro RNA and such (the miRNA). In front of the Argonaute protein subfamily, through RasiRNA function, unlike the behavior of siRNA and peace by PIWI Argonaute protein subfamily. RasiRNA is different at that size. The piRNA, a length is 21-23 nucleotides, the siRNA, is miRNA, contrary to rasiRNAs, in response to biological length, and a length of 20 to 25 nucleotides is 24-31 nucleotides, origin length is 24-29 nucleotides. SiRNA obtained from both sense and antisense strands are different, rasiRNA was received by the antisense. Require dicer -1 for the production, Dicer -2 while the need siRNA, Interestingly,, miRNA of is required one of the rasiRNA, but generates a miRNA of DCL1 24 base in some plants siRNA to generate a 24 nucleotide while DCL2 If you do not have the protein Dicer similar have been identified in (DCL). This study shows the rasiRNA production not just of the siRNA and non-peace, between rasiRNA no PIWI protein, can be found in plants.

In addition, I assumed that the RNA rasiRNA source was generated by annealing of transposable elements and related antisense double sense have been left behind. It has nothing to do with Dicer in the biosynthesis of rasiRNA, but require, the eggplant and 3, PIWI Argonaute protein Argo is a PIWI-like protein. RasiRNA biosynthesis mechanism is ping-pong mechanism. RNA rasiRNA to PIWI / AUB related. I is compatible with (name rasiRNA hence) antisense strand of repetitive sequence elements and retrotransposons in rasiRNAs. I was prepared from the sense strand RNA associated with AGO3. ping-pong mechanism can be seen in this image of the end is still unknown, is a mechanism for ‘while forming the, end of rasiRNA’ 3 to generate 5.

To siRNA action mRNA cleavage in order to regulate the transcriptional silencing and chromatin structure while miRNA act in mRNA cleavage and translational repression, of rasiRNA act. In Drosophila, the mutation of the protein PIWI that binds to rasiRNA lead to loss of germ cells and infertility in men and women. And make clear that it is an object of the rasiRNA time, suppression of transposon is not affected by the loss of Dicer in germ cells. In a similar manner to that of siRNA and peace, road siren is evolutionarily conserved, it is dependent on the homology. If rasiRNA path is not available, germ cells can be subjected to retrotransposition that are reflected as DNA damage and signal the cells to apoptosis. RasiRNA is the key control mechanism of many organisms as part of the RNA interference pathway.