DNA Vibration

The DNA, which it may then analyzed using a quasi-continuum model and confirmed by Raman spectroscopy, have a collective movement of the low frequency. Model for calculating the low-frequency mode of the DNA molecule. This pattern is associated with the “breathing” of the hydrogen bonding complementary to the DNA molecule. The result shows a good agreement with (31 CM-1) wave of low frequency was observed. Therefore, the inner movement and reflected, there is the origin of the low-frequency vibration observed by the DNA molecule in the proposed model. This is useful in the study of biological functions that have been discussed by many scholars previously.

Computer generated view of DNA vibration

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and has the ability to heal the damaged DNA is frequency of 528 Hz. By the time I write this, there is no independent research on the topic enough. that Dr. Horowitz that we know for sure that I learned the theory that you used the frequency of 528 Hz in order to create a water that has been clustered frequency repair damaged DNA of 528 Hz by Dr. Dr. Lee Lorenzen is.

It will be divided into clusters or ring water cluster is small and stable. Our DNA is a clear film and impurities to allow water to flow. Since a region smaller than bound water is water, it is effective flow more easily through the cell membrane, to remove these impurities. Above, binding water does not flow easily through the cell membrane, there is a possibility that impurities remain, leading to the disease eventually. Richard · J Saykally the University of California at Berkeley, described the structure of the water molecules have a special nature, to be essential for the function of DNA. DNA was hydrated enough, have great potential energy much from dehydration region. Genetics that other genetic matrix causes a decrease in DNA-powered bathing active failure slightly has been shown from the University of California, Berkeley professor and Saykally.

Researcher Dr. Lee Lorenzen Noto other found that water molecules clustered hexagonal crystal form of hexagonal form a support matrix a healthy DNA. It has shown to be an important process for the depletion of the matrix affects the physiology almost any adverse effects. 528 cycle per second – biochemist Steve Chemiski says a clear cluster of six bilateral support the double helix of DNA is vibrating at a specific resonance frequency. Of course, in these tests of all, it does not mean the DNA repair of the 528 Hz in a direct way. If the can cause water to become crowded, it comes to your body, 528 hertz helps can stay healthy and balanced, to remove impurities.

In 1998, Dr. Glenn rain of quantum biology lab in New York, conduct experiments with DNA in the in vitro. Using a frequency of 528 Hz of audio scalar waves become DNA repair, and four styles of music, including a Sanskrit chant and play in the Gregorian CD player the tube containing the DNA in the in vitro,. After the influence of music were exposed for 1 hour to music, the cause of classical music and rock. Absorption was determined by measuring the absorbance of the “DNA sample tube under UV light to decrease by 1.8% an increase of 1.1%, The results of the experiments that will cause, the. Gregorian chant did not show an effect on the show absorption. Sanskrit increased by 9.1% and 5.0%, Cause experiments two separate but absorption experiments two separate Because you are chanting causing the effect of 5.8% and 8.2% similar, significant impact occurs in the development of DNA music of sacred song of both.

I show that Glenn rain experimental music can resonate with human DNA. The musical chant spiritual, do resonate with the DNA, but classical music and rock has no effect on the DNA. These experiments were carried out DNA isolation and purification, but the frequency associated with music, these types are likely to resonate with the vehicle body DNA. In another study, entitled “Impact of sound waves of the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in chrysanthemum”, and concludes with Conclusions: This result “, genes that are induced by some stress is incorporated by sound stimulation, It shows that it is possible to increase the level of transcription. ”

For gene is a reasonable range believe may be DNA off “sound simulation” or turn is accomplished by sound frequencies then this sound, if it is not possible that if sound is. Sound potential is clear to make our lives actively, the possibility of at 528 Hz frequency that affect the DNA, there is scientific validity of some. But, I, I’m sure science is constantly evolving, you will please refer to the detailed documentation about the recovery of Hertz of 528 tons and DNA