Is a family of nuclear RNA (RNA SMY) is small SMY ribonucleic acid, has been found in several species of nematode. These are thought to be involved in trans-splicing of mRNA.  It is about 70 to 90 nucleotides, and the stem adjacent to the consensus binding site of the two lines protein Sm, RNA of SMY, share the secondary structure common. Of Sm protein is a component of the spliceosome snRNPs common.


Are known, the distribution systems of the number of genes and pseudogenes SMY RNA that is predicted, a gene found in each species. (Using the infernal program) Genome unit is based on the calculation analysis, in some cases, the gene numbers are genome may be defective designs. Rather than the nematode, SMY RNA was found in class Chromadorea, (nematodes, such as roundworm and Pristionchus for example) research nematodes, contains the most commonly in the distantly related Trichinella spiralis from class Dorylaimia. You are nematode 1-5 other, the number of the surprise gene depends on the species and Pristionchus nematode most associated with the 10-26 para oven gas copy to each species.

First SMY RNA was detected in 1996 lumbricoides roundworm the purified spliceosome prepared as a so-called SMX RNA another that is not homologous SMY detection. Twelve SMY homolog, nematodes elegance of calculation, and I have identified 10 nematode briggsae. Sequence and elegance SMY clone in a systematic survey of small non-coding RNA transcripts of C. copy of multiple of these genes. The systematic study 2,2,7-trimethylguanosine in nematodes (TMG) 5 ‘ceiling transcript, TMG TMG two capped SMY transcripts using an anti-antibody. The (SL2 and SL1) splicing leader RNA transcription and identification indicating the U3 snoRNA, consensus binding sequence of the SM that is very similar to all sequence analysis of the binding site and potential Sm in the transfer of these, (AAU4, the U5 snRNA SMY -5GGA) is included. Predicting the binding site defined by U1, transcripts U4 snRNA and U2 are different from the consensus SM.

SL26p protein elegance, SM and SMY RNA spliceosome, and SL75p, copurify elegance SL1 trans-splicing snRNA of features and C and better in C, copurifies in complex with (paralogs of SL26p) SL21p SM, and SL75p. While breaking as fatal, such as SL75p knockdown or loss of function of individual SL21p SL26p, causing the cold sensitive phenotype of mild only. It is believed that the basis of these results, to have a function in trans-splicing in RNA surprisingly.

In biology, LSM proteins are a family of RNA-binding protein found in the cell biology of almost all. The LSM, abbreviated as “the Sm and” identified as the first member of the family of protein there was a protein of LSM Sm. LSM protein was determined by its steric ring LSM molecular proteins different 6 or 7 and a characteristic structure of the three dimensions. As is targeted so-called anti-Sm antibodies in patients with a form of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a debilitating autoimmune disease antigen Sm protein was first discovered. They are referred to as the Sm proteins in honor of patients suffering from Stephanie Smith, the SLE. Discovered subsequently, other proteins with a structure very similar to, the name was LSM protein. A new member of the family LSM protein is identified, it continues to be reported.

Proteins have a similar structure can be divided into a hierarchy of fold protein family, and superfamily. Protein structure of the LSM, is an example of a small piece of the barrel short closed beta. LSM of individual proteins collected (ie, defined as fertilizer) in 6,7 ring donut associated with the RNA molecule is generally small to form a ribonucleoprotein complex. Occupies its correct three-dimensional structure of LSM fertilizer assist RNA molecule, I maintain. Be involved ease ribonucleoprotein complex according to the cleavage of RNA molecules and proteins LSM, editing, various processes including the regulation and RNA splicing. LSM LSM, LSM and to be equally acceptable to the common, alternate condition of the LSM LSM is like alternative style total Sm and times and family time.